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What are some ideas for small bathroom shelving

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Some ideas for small-bathroom shelving include wall cabinets, storage towers, floating shelves and crate shelving. Other suggestions are full length mirrors that double as cabinets or installing shelves in the wall between the studs.

To find shelving and storage in small bathrooms, a homeowner needs to look up and use the vertical space. This means floor to ceiling storage towers or cabinets that fit above the toilet. A floating shelve can be installed above the door or over the shower. Crates can double as an artistic touch and as a storage option. An individual can use shallow crates, paint them to match the bathroom's decor and mount them on the wall.
Because toothpaste, lotion bottles and other bathroom paraphernalia tends to be small, they can easily be placed into a spice rack shelf mounted to a wall at the side of the sink. Some items can be doubly functional. For instance, a full length mirror on the wall can also open up to reveal a shallow cabinet for nail polish or makeup.
Hidden space can also be found in the walls themselves. An individual can break out part of the drywall and install shelves between the studs, leaving the drywall on the other side intact. However, this area needs to be sealed to prevent moisture from leaking into the walls.

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