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What are ideas for an apartment bathroom

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One good idea for an apartment bathroom is to use floating shelves. These shelves don't take up much space, and they provide a great storage area. This also leaves the area below the shelves free for storing other items in decorative baskets or other containers.

Another idea for an apartment bathroom is to take full advantage of the room's wall space. Use a floating vanity instead of a regular sink and scale down the size of the bathroom mirror. The wall above the toilet can also be used to add extra shelves for storage. Vanity cabinets can be added to apartment bathrooms to conserve space while offering hidden storage options.
Small apartment bathrooms can be painted using lighter colors to make the room appear larger. Placing mirrors on each wall of the bathroom can create the illusion of space and make the room appear larger. The bathtub can be replaced with a standup shower to save space. The room should be kept simple to maximize the space that is available. When decorating, focus on color instead of content. Incorporating splashes of color with paint, rugs or other accessories into the room's decor livens up the space without making it appear cluttered.

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